P92 WPQ with wall thickness range over 120mm

In the competition as a system supplier for assembly and welding technology of e.g. fresh steam pipes and turbine connections strives the IMR further at the head in the processing of the material X 10 CrWMoV 9-2 (material number 1.4901). The long winter was used to weld together in January 2010 pipes from the so-called “P92” material with the dimensions 330×64.

This king’s class of the high pressure-pipe line construction is the measuring pole for everybody who wants to be possible as a supplier for modern power plants. An extract from the metallurgical investigations of the test lab Herne of our partner „Germanischer Lloyd Hamburg“ is added to this article. Among the rest, the reimbursement effect is to be easily recognized in this picture very well by the clearly finer grain under the hot passed, lower E-Hand welded layers.

IP LP piping package Wilhelmshaven ordered

WHV EBL Ansicht

In December, 2009 the order was given to IMR for manufacturing and erection of IP, LP and partial HP piping systems of the project „New building of KW Wilhelmshaven Electrabel W1“. The customer Hitachi Power Europe GmbH (HPE) from Duisburg builds there essential components of the new 800 MW coal power plant for the belgian energy provider Electrabel.

The order contains in the main focus pipes in the machine house with e.g. extraction steam, as well as auxiliary systems of various media there and in the boiler house as well as in the media wing. Besides classical, low and higher alloyed pipes within the HP part P91 (1.4903) and P92 (1.4901) are to be welded as material.