IMR rebranded!

New IMR-Hamburg logo

New IMR-Hamburg logo

IMR rebranded! We see ourselves as piping specialists in northern Germany. Since for our customers we have long been known as “IMR from Hamburg” and as a now European wide operating company we wanted to strengthen our brand recognition with a name than can more easily be remembered from non German speaking people and still be present for our old customers. Therefore we are now working under the name “IMR HAMBURG GmbH” for you. On the 23rd of June 2011 the new company name was already registered in the commercial register of Hamburg with the number HRB 85504. Of course we are still accessible as usual with the existing telephone numbers, email and postal addresses. Also banking details remain unchanged.

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Safety at work initiative 2011

In CW06-2011 the entire personal employed in the new building on CFPP Wilhelmshaven by IMR operational personal and executive staff where trained and tested in accordance with SCC Doc. 18 and 17. As a campaign for safe, healthy and environmentally sound work aims IMR in continuous improvement under this years motto of our BG (work insurance) “Stop Accidents”.

The photos show the training, which was translated in three languages and the training participants in strengthening and one of the Doc. 18/17 test groups separated by language and tasks.

The testing and certification was carried out by representatives of the KIWA and was organized by

Big step towards HP done!

In CW50-2010 efforts to continuous improvement and development of IMR’s welding technology culminated after several processes checks and reference annealing now in the successful and timely completion of the first “P92” weld in manual TIG/E process within the new coal fired power plant Wilhelmshaven for Electrabel Gas de France Suez with the dimensions of outer diameter 570 x wall thickness 75 [mm ]. Figure 1 shows one of our HD-welder at important measuring of the pipes inner misalignment.

After a well deserved Christmas break of our HD pipeline welders was in KW02-2011 now run the second weld of excellent quality. Figure 2 gives an impression of the welding task.

The ultrasound examinations in CW01-2011 of the first and in CW03-2011 of the second weld confirmed the standard conform welding of the welds under the supervision of our customers from Duisburg and of the Notified Body TUEV Rheinland. The UT Inspector our business partner Pockrandt, Oberhausen can be seen in Figure 3 during its audit work.