Hochdruckrohrleitungsprojekt in Walsum erfolgreich abgeschlossen

High pressure piping project in Walsum successfully finished

February 2013: IMR has successfully finished an order for Modification of high pressure pipe works in the turbine building on the project Duisburg Walsum Unit 10 for the customer Hitachi Europe and under the Supervision of Hitachi Ltd. The order contains piping modification on systems like LBQ high pressure extraction steam material 1.7335 dimensions OD 700 x WT 30, OD 610 x WT 40, OD 457 x WT 10, LBC hot reheat steam piping material 1.5415 dimensions OD 273 x WT 14.2 and the LCH drain piping from high pressure heater material 1.7380 OD 273 x WT 20. The contract contains additionally the reinstallation and new installation of the isolation and the paint. The complete order has been worked out with personal of the IMR HAMBURG GmbH and her subsidiary companies in eastern Europe as well as own supervision with the welder failure rate of 0%.

Since 2010 it has been in the HP piping area on the pipeline projects Walsum10, CFPP GDF Suez Wilhelmshaven and Rotterdam built a total of about a thousand tons of high pressure piping spools plus LISEGA support erection success. Notable systems, partially prefabricated spools whose prefabrication have been increased in balanced erection by IMR assembly concept further, are HAD Auxiliary steam to Economizer 1.4903 273×28, MAA fresh steam to turbine 1.4901 519×108, MAB and MAP (NDU) Hot Reheat 1.4901 486×36 and 1.4903 914×16, and MAW gland steam and LAB feed water in different materials and dimensions.