After two years of successful Business dealing in South Africa on the fourth-largest coal-fired power station in the world with the total capacity of 4800 MW, IMR Hamburg has signed a new and more extensive Contract for Unit 2.

IMR will provide the Kusile Boiler Project with a Labour Service and Management of the scope of works to install the High Pressure and lntegral Pipework systems for Unit 2 of the Kusile Power Station Project.

In the next period, IMR will be doing welding, inspection and testing on the site of the HP/lntegral Pipe work Systems.

Also, IMR Hamburg will provide installation and inspection on site of the associated supports for the HP Integral Pipe work systems as follow: Economiser, Evaporator, Reticulation Circuit, Super Heater System, Re-Heater System, Pressure System, Steam Soot blowing System, HP Super Heater System, IP Spray System, Steam Generator Drains System, Check line and Temporary line for HT.