IMR Hamburg extends business in South Africa on Kusile project

The company IMR Hamburg has successfully extended the project contracts for the installation of low pressure and high pressure piping on Kusile with the contractors who are responsible for installation of the turbine and boiler house at 6 x 800MW thermal power plants which is built by the state owned energy supplier. On the IMR Hamburg contracts in South Africa currently over 600 persons are working on site.

The works are mainly on piping around the turbine such as piping for the water steam cycle as well as on the boiler integral piping and auxiliary and supporting systems scattered over from Unit 1 to Unit 6. With the help of workers from mainly the local community IMR Hamburg is currently on the whole power plant the main Subcontractor for piping. Over 60 engineers in where IMR Hamburg employs over 20 welding engineers are not only supporting the scope from IMR Hamburg they are also seconded to the main contractor in Kusile and Medupi and supervise the erection of the steam boiler as well as several local companies working for the main contractor not only for the installation of the piping also for installation of other boiler components such as boiler walls, ducting, auxiliary boilers.

Youth Day 2015

IMR Hamburg Youth Day sponsorship 2015

As many times before, IMR Hamburg gladly took a part in sponsoring a local community. This time, it was on the Youth Day 2015. Delmas municipality hosted a Youth Assembly to coach the youth in terms of opportunities of empowerment that are available for them at both public and private sectors. For this occasion, IMR Hamburg […]

Kusile Prpject

IMR Hamburg AFRICA to celebrate an anniversary of the 1st annual year of business acomplishment in South Africa

Due to the 1st Anniversary of Business dealing on the South Africa territory, the employees of our Company have organised the weekend trip on the Johannesburg area.

The trip organiser that means the celebration of our 1st. Anniversary of Business dealing Mr.Andre Koehsel, the head manager of branch office of the Company in the South-Africa, pointed out that in the Company rules a great atmosphere, and that we prooved our speed and quality into the knowledge transmission to the local working personell even in the first year of mandate, and therefore we got new long-time-period contracts on which base we employeed a great amount of local manpower.

The Company IMR Hamburg of South Africa recently openeed its own educational center which we created predispositions with much more quality educational and transmissive knowledgment techniques to the local people community, but not only for that, but also for accomplishment of high efforts for the engineering and managing of mounting the high-pressured, medium-pressured, and low-pressured fittings.

IMR Hamburg Team in South Africa please do receive great congratulations of your colleagues from Europe for succesful 1st.Anniversary of Bussiness.

Good luck forward!



June 2014: IMR Hamburg is executing during the erection of high pressure pipelines in the Kusile Power Station successful the Skill Transfer to the local workforce from Witbank South Africa. The local employment on the project through IMR is drastically increasing. An education on the job is happening through the Know How transfer from Europe and new boiler makers, pipe fitters, riggers and welders were born.

Here purge blocks were built up in order to purge during the welding process the main steam lines.